Today is the day we travel back home from Disney World. These are always sad days. I love all the magic but it's time to get back to reality.

We were up bright and early and made it to Magic Kingdom for the opening. It's raining here so it wasn't too busy. We walked around for a little while before heading back to our resort to get on the Magical Express.

Tomorrow I will be heading back to the gym and looking for more races to sign up for! I will also be planning our next Disney trip! ;)

Where have you vacationed to that you didn't want to leave?

I love vacations! Sometimes though, they seem to go by so quickly. One moment your just arriving and then you're packing up to leave.
I am on vacation right now in Walt Disney World. I participated in the Wine & Dine half marathon last weekend and my husband and I stayed for the following week to relax and have a good time before the craziness of the holidays is here. (For more about the race, see my Running page.)
I love waking up whenever we want and going out and having fun all day. It's easy to forget what life was like before vacation. We are easily reminded when we get home to laundry, house cleaning and work. Sometimes "real life" just isn't as much fun. That's why I am usually planning our next trip on the flight home ;)
But for now I am going to enjoy our last few days and just stay thankful for everything that we have!

What are some of your
So this past Sunday I participated in a walk to benefit the Rays of Hope. This is a local Run/Walk to to raise money to find a cure for breast cancer. This was my second time participating and I raise money with my coworkers for this great cause.
Participants can either walk or run this event. The walkers can either choose the 2 mile or 5 mile walk and the run is 5 miles.
I have only done the 2 mile walk for this event.
I was lucky enough to walk this year with my sister and my mother. My mom is a breast cancer survivor so this cause hits very close to home. She is a one year survivor and I was so happy that she was able to walk with us this year.
I hope to continue to do this event each year so that a cure can be found.

Have any of you participated in a local fundraising run or walk?
Welcome to my page, Kara's Running Life. It is still a work in progress but I hope you'll stick around to see the finished product. I am also working on another site for booking Disney vacations so I will update this blog when that site is finished and it goes live.
I will use this blog to talk about everyday things and of course my running. I also plan to do reviews of entertainment things, such as movies, music, television shows and books. So for now I will just say "Welcome"!
Hope you stick around and recommend the page to others as well!!

What are some things you would like to see on this blog??